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SUP Classes

"Strength, Balance and Beauty"

 We are so grateful for a fabulous 2023 SUP Season!

Thank you for your support!

We launch out of Leonardtown Wharf and offer lots of different styles of classes/events/workshops! Private Parties are great for Family Events, Birthday Parties (Youth/Adult), Team Building events, and so much more! 

FREE Consult for Personal/Small Group Training 

Kids Camps

SUP Classes/Events

rootSUP classes

SUP & Sweat

Looking for a great workout while having fun outside on the water?! This SUP class is perfect for you!
This class combines core, cardio, and strength training while on the water! We incorporate paddling and intervals with squat, lunges, push ups, etc to improve overall strength and challenge your entire core.

All levels are always welcome!
Options/Modifications are offered

SUP Private Party

Bring your group out for a Private SUP Party out of Leonardtown Wharf!

Ladies/Guys Night Out
Children's Birthday Parties
Girl/Boy Scout events
Family Fun
Team Building Opportunities

SUP 101

A true class for beginners! All levels are welcome (and encouraged!) to come to any of our classes! We at root, recognize and honor your need to feel comfortable on the board. 

We start on land with instruction on safety and How To's including how to stand and how to paddle. Move out on the water and your instructor will make sure you are safe and have FUN!

All levels are always welcome!
Options/Modifications are offered

SUP Yoga

A lovely class combining stand-up paddleboarding with a mix of flexibility and stretching movements incorporating traditional yoga poses for a calming, balanced workout. 

All levels are always welcome!
Options/Modifications are offered

Please bring your own water bottle and towel to class. Sunscreen is recommended.

*All classes must be booked and paid in advance through MINDBODY & all participants must complete a waiver.

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