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Special Events/Workshops

root SUP & Fitness offers several events/workshops every month! Stay tuned for the latest event and watch for our monthly series, Feel Good Live Better! 

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Feel Good Live Better!
Events/Workshops at root SUP & Fitness

Our events/workshops are designed to emphasize healthy living, self care, nutrition, and self-discovery. Make the time & discover what YOU need to truly feel good and live your best life! Living and existing are two different things ... what will you choose for yourself?

Enjoy unlimited classes for 3 months for only $89/month

TRX, rootcamps, Core/Mobility, yoga, aerial yoga and so much more!

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A look ahead . . .

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Come burn off the turkey and stuffing with this post Thanksgiving rootcamp! Free to members and only $15 to Drop In! Strength/cardio based moves using a variety of equipment (TRX, Bosu balls, dumbells, etc.) 


Looking for a fun, safe event? Boy/Girl Scout Troops? Corporate team building? Ladies/Moms Night Out? Birthday Parties? Let us help create a unique experience for you.


Bring them in for an hour of fitness and fun! We can incorporate fitness equipment and other activities that are safe and appropriate for the group.

Minimum of 5 people to schedule. Come in for some movement and fun!

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If you are one of the many people who suffer from back pain, this workshop is for you!
Angela will guide you through gentle movements and poses in the aerial hammock that are specifically geared to helping relieve back pain. You will explore inversions (at your comfort level), stretches, and even breathing techniques, all in a safe, fun environment.
All sales are final ~ No refunds

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Coming Summer 2023

SUP Private Party

Bring your group out for a Private SUP Party out of Leonardtown Wharf!

Ladies/Guys Night Out
Children's Birthday Parties
Girl/Boy Scout events
Family Fun
Team Building Opportunities

Minimum of 5 participants 

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Returning in December

The Melt Method

This MELT Method workshop with Lauri Bruce will be focused on lower body stability.
This workshop will address shoulder, neck and upper body issues that are the result of our head forward and shoulder slumped life style. The Melt Method will help you rehydrate the connective tissue of the upper body, reestablish balance and control of the shoulder girdle and stabilize weak or dysfunctional movement patterns that lead to injury and pain.

MELT stands for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique and is a self-treatment system designed to combat chronic pain and erase the effects of aging and active living. We provide the rollers and the education, but space is limited to 10 people only. Don't wait to sign up!
All sales final ~ No refunds!