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Special Events/Workshops

root SUP & Fitness offers several events/workshops every month! Stay tuned for the latest event and watch for our monthly series, Feel Good Live Better! 

FREE Consult for Personal/Small Group Training 

Now is the time! We can help!

Feel Good Live Better!
Events/Workshops at root SUP & Fitness

Our events/workshops are designed to emphasize healthy living, self care, nutrition, and self-discovery. Make the time & discover what YOU need to truly feel good and live your best life! Living and existing are two different things ... what will you choose for yourself?

A look ahead . . .

Feel Good Live Better!

Kids Aerial (ages 8-12)

Bring out your kids ages 8yrs-12yrs old for a great time in the Aerial hammocks!
*Please be sure to enroll in each class after purchasing the pass(es)

*Class Passes are good for 30 days from purchase

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SUP Private Party

Bring your group out for a Private SUP Party out of Leonardtown Wharf!

Ladies/Guys Night Out
Children's Birthday Parties
Girl/Boy Scout events
Family Fun
Team Building Opportunities

Minimum of 5 participants 

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This Interactive Gong Bath will be a deeply immersive, full body experience that uses the gong to invite gentle yet powerful healing vibrations. Sound Healing reduces stress and anxiety while providing a unique meditative experience.


Float in a hammock or make a cozy nest on the floor


Come experience the magic of a large Gong being sung like a bowl. Deep tones will entrance the mind and balance your energy. Includes group interaction with Himalayan singing bowls. Experience concludes with dark chocolates for grounding. 


Ruth Mavor, Sound Bath SOMD, will play the gong while you bathe in the sound and vibration. Bring your mat and enjoy a relaxing evening with us!


No refunds - All sales final


Looking for a fun, safe event? Boy/Girl Scout Troops? Corporate team building? Ladies/Moms Night Out? Birthday Parties? Let us help create a unique experience for you.


Bring them in for an hour of fitness and fun! We can incorporate fitness equipment and other activities that are safe and appropriate for the group.

Minimum of 5 people to schedule. Come in for some movement and fun!

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