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Why Do Women Need Strength Training?

Updated: Apr 15

women lift weights
Women need Strength Training as part of a regular health/wellness routine

As women, we take great care of our children. Our pets. Our plants and yards. It is important to take the same care of ourselves. We make sure our children eat vegetables and get a good night’s sleep. We can do that too. We walk our dogs, play with our cats, and get their medical check-ups. We can do that too. We water our plants and flowers and take care of our yards. We can drink our water and nourish our growth too. We must make the time to nurture our longevity and quality of life through strength training.

Women of all ages should incorporate strength training into their health and wellness routine. Many women have preconceived ideas or fears about lifting weights. No, strength training will not make you too muscular or bulky. No, it won’t be an overwhelming “gym rat” hours-a-day commitment. No, it won’t mean lifting everything all at once and getting hurt, like you might have done before. We can help you learn the importance of strength training and ways to do it effectively in 20-45 minutes several times a week. You might already spend more time on your shower, hair, and make-up routine. 

As we age, we use cream for our wrinkles and highlight and style our hair according to our changing needs. We cook nutritional meals and sometimes incorporate vitamins or supplements into our health and wellness routine. Yet we often overlook caring for our strength and balance or feel that this is a selfish indulgence.

It’s not. We need, now or in future, the strength and balance to carry our grandchildren up and down the stairs, to get down and back up from playing with them on the floor, to attend their sporting events on grassy fields and uneven surfaces, and in steep bleachers. On family vacations, we want to walk on the beach or a floating dock, join outdoor hikes, or put in long days at museums or shopping. We need to maintain independence through driving our cars and functioning at home, from bending to load the dishwasher, to stepping out of the shower, to vacuuming and cleaning. You will maintain your ability for all of these activities longer by incorporating regular strength training into your lifestyle. 

As our children grow up and we approach or cross into retirement, we find ourselves with more time for self-care, more need for routine, community, and purpose. Pushing, pulling, and lifting appropriate weight and accomplishing our physical goals empowers us and gives us confidence. Seeing familiar faces in the studio provides a sense of community and belonging. Despite the many physical, mental, and emotional benefits of strength training, we often become more hesitant to begin such a program during this time in our lives.

How do you start? Give us a call. Set up a FREE Consult with us. Ask us your questions and tell us about your past experiences, including your fears. We can help smash those roadblocks and show you that you can do it. It is never too late!

Cathy Pierce

April, 2024


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