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Transformation Story: Cindy Parker

Every month we feature a member that we feel is a great example of how hard work, dedication, and believing in yourself can change your life- body, soul and spirit. This month we selected Cindy Parker.

We often talk about how important it is to find workouts you enjoy so that you can look forward to them. Cindy is part of what makes workouts fun here at root. She is supportive, and motivating to everyone around her and always up for something fun. She works hard but never takes herself too seriously and you know that laughter is a great core workout!

But in all seriousness, Cindy has completed several of our challenges this year and is incredibly committed both to herself and to anyone who needs a word of encouragement, a high five, a fresh perspective or even just an 'atta boy'. Cindy is not afraid to try new things and throws her heart into everything she does and we are lucky to have her as part of our family here at root.

Cindy sat down to answer my questions and share her insights with us. Take a few minutes to read through them to see if something resonates with you! Every body is different, and every story is different, but when we raise each other up and learn from each others successes it can only help us grow in our own path.

What got you started on your journey?

Over the years I have had several gym memberships and was always intimidated by the weight rooms and equipment and would just use the treadmills or ride the stationary bikes. After moving back to the area I joined World Gym and started taking the group exercise classes and met Cathy and Jenn. I did the group exercise classes regularly and worked out with Cathy at CBS. After a couple of years I stopped going and stopped exercising. I did yoga and a few other things here and there but, nothing consistent. Fast forward to the middle of last year … my friend, Tabbetha, wanted to take one of Jenn’s classes at FitU … and we did. I guess from there you could say “that’s all she wrote”. We continued with Jenn and knew she and Cathy were opening their own place and I was excited to be part of that. Over a year later I am still going strong and am no longer intimidated by any exercise.

What was the biggest barrier to your success and how do you attempt to overcome it?

I was my biggest barrier. I could find a million excuses why I couldn’t go exercise. Having friends to exercise with and to motivate me has helped me get out of the slump. Jenn and Cathy and their Root instructors are motivating and make you want to get moving. The workshops and challenges have been a great motivators!

What is your favorite workout?

I really don’t have a favorite. I love something about every workout I do. Nothing beats a super sweaty Root Camp! I love being uber relaxed after Restorative Yoga and hitting the water on a paddleboard! Pilates has been a great addition to my workout line-up.

What do you think is the key to your success?

I credit Jenn and Cathy for creating an environment where I feel comfortable and where I can be myself. I’ve met a lot of new people and made new friends. Being with these people every week is motivating and inspiring and makes me want to keep going.

What’s one of your next goals?

My goal is to just keep going!

If you could share a piece of advice to someone trying to get started what would it be?

DO IT! There are so many classes at Root and lots of options for everyone, no matter your fitness level. It’s true that getting there is the hardest part. But, once you are there you will stay!

So next time you see Cindy give her a big high five and congratulate her on all her hard work and take her advice:

If you have not started- Do IT!

And if you already are- Keep Going!

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