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How Planning Provides a Path to Success

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

I used to hear that all the time when I was in the Navy, and it is still true.

Plans help you work efficiently toward achieving goals.

They keep you focused, organized and accountable to yourself and whether you apply them to work, personal, or fitness goals, making a plan can help you reach them.

A great plan carves a clear path for you to follow, step by step reaching small milestones that ultimately lead you straight to your bigger goals.

Once you set a goal, take some time to sit down and create a plan for achieving it.

The goal is your WHAT, the plan is your HOW.

By intentionally laying out a plan for yourself you establish direction,

focus your attention on the objectives,

anticipate problems or barriers and provide for necessary changes to account for them

and create a realistic path for success.

So how do you make a plan for a fitness goal?

The same way you create one for any goal.

Think about the big goal you want to reach.

Just for an example I will use weight loss.

“I want to lose 30 pounds in the next 6 months”

I know that means I need to increase my activity and pay attention to my nutrition,

so I need a plan that encompasses both.

Here is an example of the steps I would take:

Step 1: Sign up for root SUP & Fitness (create accountability and seek professional help)

Step 2: Find 3 classes I can attend each week and sign up for them in advance (think about what works in your schedule and be realistic)

Step 3: Attend the classes I sign up for (follow through)

Step 4: Log my food intake to identify places to improve

Step 5: Review food log, cut out the unhealthy choices or habits

Step 6: Make a menu of healthy foods (that you like and will actually make and eat) for each week

Step 7: Use the menu to make your grocery list and avoid buying extras or tempting ‘treats’

Step 8: Eat the meals you planned (follow through)

Step 9: Find your community or tribe to help motivate you, provide assistance and accountability and celebrate your successes.

Your goal might be something totally different, but the idea of creating a plan to clearly set out the steps you need to take in order to reach your goal is a universal way of getting there.

By breaking the big goals down into manageable tasks, you provide yourself clarity, establish priorities, and a way to keep track of your progress.

So set your goals and make a plan and then be sure to check with us and see how we can help you!

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