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Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The weather has changed, the sun is out, and the water sure does look fine. Around here, that means it’s time to pull out those paddle boards! This SUP season, root SUP & fitness is the place to be whether you are a first timer or a seasoned pro on a paddle board. After all, SUP is our middle name (literally)! Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP) has become a very popular activity over the past several years. Not only is it a super fun way to get outside, get moving, and enjoy nice weather, but it has a lot of benefits to your body.

1. Improves Balance-

Being on the board helps increase core stability, leg strength, and focus to help you stay balanced on the water but these benefits carry over to help you with stability and balance throughout your regular daily activities

2. It’s a Low Impact Workout-

Because there is no jumping around, paddle boarding is gentle on your joints and ligaments. So, although you are using your whole body it is a gentle way to start building strength while you come back from an injury or rest after extensive training or demand on your body. For example, it’s fantastic option for a runner who may be recovering from a marathon training or rehabbing after hip, knee or shin injuries.

3. Helps Improve Strength-

When you paddle you use pretty much every part of your body, legs to hold you steady and keep you solid, your core for stability and balance and your back shoulders and arms to push through the water and keep you going. After a long day of paddling its not unusual to be a little sore all over but that’s because every part of your body was working as a cohesive unit.

4. Decreases Stress-

Time on the water is a great way to decompress from a stressful day or week. Breathe, feel the water move around you, enjoy the sounds of nature. The rhythm of the stroke and pattern of movements are easy to get lost in and let all the extra noise of life melt away. It's a perfect place to meditate and recenter yourself.

5. It helps improve Cardio Health and Endurance-

Whether you are paddling slowly enjoying the sights for the morning or pushing your speed and racing, paddling will increase your heart rate, keep that blood flowing throughout your body as you ask it to perform and make you stronger. Paddling can be a very effective cardio exercise which in turn improves your heart health and reduces risk for heart disease. Also, by getting stronger and practicing you will notice you can stay out longer without getting tired, this is because that added strength is improving your endurance and allowing you to work longer without tiring.

6. Helps your Focus and Body Control-

Because as you paddle you need to understand how your body is moving, how the board is moving and what the water is doing underneath you, paddling forces you to remain focused. While some types of exercise allow us to ‘zone out’ when you are using your body on that board it creates a unique environment where you are in absolute control over every movement your body makes. Continued practice paddling will help you build a deep knowledge of how your body moves together and distinct control over it. It will help you gain inner focus as you master the rhythm of these movements.

8. It’s FUN!

This is pretty much the #1 reason to get out on that board! It’s hard to find someone who has tried SUP and not left having had an amazing time! Whether what motivates you is the time spent outdoors, enjoying and soaking up nature and the beauty that surrounds us, getting to know and master your body, improving your strength and stability, or just spending some time with friends laughing and learning something new we encourage you to come paddle with us.

We have so much to offer out on the water, from workshops introducing you to the board, kids camps, SUP yoga, strength training and even private parties. If you are looking for some fun or to try something new, we would love to have you on the water with us! Please check MINDBODY for our full schedule or to sign up for one of our many classes.

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