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Transformation Story: Sherry Zinn

Congratulations to this month's featured member, Sherry Zinn.

Here's a little backgroud about Sherry and why she was the perfect choice this month to help motivate and inspire others:

Sherry is an extremely generous person with a huge heart and a smile that lights up the room! Cathy met Sherry about 6 years ago, when she was running a bootcamp business in a parking lot. Sherry has had a few injuries and surgeries over the last several years, and she and Cathy were reunited at a gym where Sherry came twice a week for individual personal training. Artificial hips, nerve damage, spinal fusions, and an artificial knee are just some of the things that Sherry works with, but none of that will slow her down. Her goal was to get back into Group Training where she could workout safely and effectively with other people. She worked extremely hard on learning what her body was capable of and how she could push her joints safely. We worked on joint integrity and core strength, plus how to modify certain exercises so that they are accessible to her and her body. She never lets her injuries/issues define her and is super dedicated to living her best life with minimal to no pain. She loves golfing, going to concerts, and generally hanging with family, friends, and her fur baby, Peika. Her favorite piece of equipment is the Bosu as she has worked very hard to have the core strength and joint health to work on such a wobbly surface! We can’t wait to see what Sherry does next!

Injury, Illness, Chronic Pain- these are some of the things that can take an active person and bring them to a screeching halt. They get in your way, they attack your body and play tricks on your mind. It's easy to let them take over and to give up, it's hard to fight back, push through and find a new way to live alongside your pain, illness or injuries- respect them, but do not allow them to be in control of your life.

When I heard Sherry's responses to my questions that is what stuck with me,

her ability to keep going, and keep moving. She was determined to get back to the things she loved and not only has she managed to do that but she has kept such a postive attitude and sense of humor throughout the journey.

Here's her answers to my questions:

What got you started on your journey?

I have been working with Cathy and Jenn in varying fitness and therapeutic capacities since 2013. In early 2015, I re-injured my right knee that triggered a flurry of medical setbacks that carried over into 2016. My body was in a downward spiral to the point I could no longer perform ordinary tasks. Things like dressing myself, grocery shopping or preparing meals all the sudden became extremely challenging. My pain level was between 8-10 daily, I couldn’t sleep, and I was reduced to walking with a crutch. In a span of 10 months, I had my right knee replaced, my left hip replaced and had an L-4/5 laminectomy with a fusion of my spine. I was living the Dem Bones song! 😊 As a result, 2016/2017 were repair and rehabilitation years that included 14+ months of physical therapy. In September 2017, I started working one-on-one with Cathy two days a week at the World Gym in Leonardtown with a goal to become strong enough that I could, again, participate in group fitness. Cathy began re-introducing me to my muscles and together we began to understand and appreciate the limitations of my new parts and week by week I got stronger. She worked with me on basic movements and on a variety of machines. Her mantra was and still is, “your muscles have to earn the privilege to advance to the next level.” All the hard work has paid off and I currently attend 4 sessions a week at RootSupFitness including Hardcore Root Camp and Aerial Grit-n-Grace. Whoop! Whoop!

What was the biggest barrier to your success and how do you attempt to overcome it?

Motivation and consistency are my biggest barriers to success. I am not the quintessential self-starter when it comes to exercise, so one-on-one and group fitness motivate me...I also enjoy the social aspect that group fitness offers.

What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workouts are the 6oz wine curls, beer burpees, followed by pizza planks and then cookie crushers. Lol!! All joking aside, my favorite workouts are the Mashups, because they consist of a hardcore workout followed by some type of restorative activity yoga…floor/aerial.

What do you think is the key to your success?

Honestly, the key to my success are Cathy, Jenn and all the folks who show up and give their best efforts, but more importantly seeing my body getting stronger, gaining confidence and just having fun and feeling better.

What’s one your next goals?

My next goal is to be more consistent with my nutritional habits. Finding smarter ways to reward myself for my efforts. Continue to work on my strength and balance and to stand up and paddle on one of those SUP boards.

If you could share a piece of advice to someone trying to get started what would it be?

To remember that we are all unique and our bodies are, sometimes, not physically capable of moving like the person next to us, so learn to embrace your strengths and understand your limitations. Maintain a healthy sense of humor, have fun, be safe & kind and just show up. If I can do it, you can do it!!

Addition Comments or anything you would like to add?

I say this all the time…but I am totally endeared to Cathy and Jenn and all the folks who put up with my antics. THANK YOU!!! 😊

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