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Quick Foot Fix with Lacing Tricks

Think of your shoes as a tool for your workout.

Some people wear the same shoe for everything, some people change them to match their outfits, and some have a different shoe for each activity. You have to find what works for you.

Personally, I have three pairs, one for running that is light and flexible, one for weight lifting which is pretty flat and soft sided to help my foot absorb the load, a spinning shoe with a super firm sole, and the barefoot for my yoga. I like to think of it as using the right tool for the job. After all, you would not try to play basketball with a soccer ball, or mow your lawn with a weed whacker. In theory, you could do both of those things (and actually I did have a neighbor that tried this) but they are certainly not the best tools for the job. So think about what you need from your body in your usual workout and how your shoe can help support that.

If you are trying to find the right shoe for you I recommend going to a running store where they usually create a personalized foot map for you and can help find a great shoe for your foot and activity of choice.

But what happens if the shoe feel awesome in the store and you get home and it’s not quite right? Have you ever experimented with your shoelaces? Just a quick tweak to the standard lacing method can help your shoe feel like it was made just for you or even help alleviate pain by changing the pressure on your foot.

Here are a few ideas of new ways to lace up those shoes for some common foot issues. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your laces, it can make your shoes feel brand new and give your feet a whole new life!

High Arches: The goal here is to alleviate tightness and add comfort to the fit.

1. Lace the shoe normally at the bottom with a criss-cross

2. Thread the shoelace up the sides instead of accross

3. Tie up the shoe through the rest of the eyelets as you normally would

Heel Slip: Gives the ankle more support without over tightening the rest of the shoe

1. Lace the shoes as usual until the second-to-last hole

2. Go straight up into the top hole

3. Now take the lace back across to the extra hole on the opposite side ((you know, the one you never knew what it was there for)

4. Tie up the shoe as usual

Black Toe Nails or Toe Pain: This is usually from crowding your toes in the shoe so changing how you tie them can lift the toe cap of the shoe giving the more space.

1. Lace the shoelace from the big toe to the top of the opposite side

2. Thread the other side of the shoelace back and forth through the rest of the holes, making sure to drop it under the diagonal lace once near the middle

3. Tie your shoe as usual

Wide Feet: Loosens the entire shoe to give your foot more space.

1. Lace the shoe normally with a criss-cross

2. Instead of using every hole use every other hole so the laces are more spread out.

3. Tie your shoe as usual

Narrow Foot: Tightens the shoe more than the usual techniques to keep it snug, including tightening through your heel.

1. Begin by lacing the shoes normally with a criss-cross

2. Next, take each side up to the next eyelet on the same side

3. Lace the rest of the shoe in the usual criss-cross pattern until you get to the top.

4. Instead of going into the usual top hole go straight up to the extra hole first and then cross over into the empty top hole on the other side

5. Tie the shoe normally

So take a look at those laces and experiment with your shoes to find the best way for you!

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