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Run For Your Life

Anyone who runs on a regular basis has had someone ask them why the run.

I answer. Why not?

Running gives me peace, and time to think.

Running keeps me feeling strong and healthy and powerful.

Every step is a choice I make for myself.

Every heel strike on the ground is a small victory in my personal journey.

I did not stop,

I did not give up,

I’m still going,

I’m going to get to that finish line.

Whether you are running to the corner down the street, the end of a trail, or the end of a race, when you get there you know you accomplished something.

Running makes life better. Don’t laugh I’m serious, running can really make you happier and the happier you are, the better life seems, wouldn’t you agree?

You set a goal,

You worked for it and

You did it.

Does anything in life really get better than that?

Finishing what you start,

Doing something you didn’t know you could do.,

Conquering a fear and going for it.

That’s magic.

And you can have it too.

Grab those running shoes and lets go!

Still not convinced? Here are just a few benefits of Running:

-running releases endorphins.Running releases these natural ‘drugs’ for your body to help you feel energetic and happy. Yes please….and for free??!?

-running benefits your physical fitness. Running can help you lose fat, build muscle and improve cardio vascular strength. When we are healthier we are happier. Running increases both your physical strength and your mental strength. And haven’t you heard- strong is the new Sexy!

-running allows you to set and accomplish goals. Every time you run you set a goal, take steps toward reaching it and at the end, accomplish that goal. Man , good job you! I don’t know about you but that makes me happy. Reaching goals is such a powerful way to build your self esteem also. I promise you that if you decide to run a race the high you will feel as you cross that finish line is enough to bring you to tears. Not because you are tired and sore but because you are so proud of what you did. We don’t spend enough time being proud of ourselves and when you finish what you start and can’t deny the accomplishment that feeling is overwhelming. I wish that every human on this planet feels that good at least once in their life.

-running friends are amazing friends.You don’t have to run by yourself, there are lots of opportunities to run as a part of a group. Humans love social interaction and women in general are happier and more successful when they have social interaction and support. Running with a group helps build these ties and creates an environment where we support and encourage each other, celebrating victory and helping each other through adversity. You don’t have to run with a buddy or a group but there are loads of benefits to doing so.

-running is impossible to fail at. Whether you are walking, jogging or trying to set a new land speed record, running is really just you versus yourself. Most of my clients would finish this sentence for me because they have heard it so much, but it’s true. The only bad run is the one you never started. As long as you try, you are victorious.

They don’t all need to be fast or long. Deciding to do it, and then following through is what its about. Finish what you start. Every time you go out there, you will learn something new. Open your mind to the experience and let all these benefits rain down upon you.

Put those shoes on, and take the first step.

Run for Fun

Run for Fitness

Run for You

Run for Life!

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