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What is Aerial Yoga and Why Should You Try It

Have you heard?

There is a new fun filled, fabric flying, body loving type of yoga in town!

Our very own Jenn Houck is the premier Aerial Yoga instructor in Southern Maryland.

It's a great workout for both body and soul. If you have not heard of, or tried Aerial Yoga yet, here is a quick intro as to what it's all about.

Aerial yoga is a form of yoga which uses a hammock to allow students to perform postures more easily and with less strain than traditional mat yoga. The hammock is kept close to the ground and becomes a swing which can support the bodyweight in various positions.

“Believe me I’m not a typical yoga person and this was completely different than the typical yoga! You never know until you try it!-Teresa

“My 5th class and not one has been the same! Love it! Thanks!"-Stefanie

So why should you try it?

Here are 5 great reasons to come fly with us:

1. It's FUN!

Who doesn't remember the swings on the playground with fond memories? This is the grown up version of that freedom. Plus, trying something new helps keep your mind and body constantly learning and actively growing. These classes are usually done in groups so you can try it with your friends and enjoy the experience together.

2. It's good for your Soul

Just like all yoga, the emotional and spiritual benefits of Aerial Yoga are undeniable. You will feel more connected with your body as you move through familiar poses in a new way. Quieting your mind and helping you connect to your body leaves you feeling happy, relaxed and ready to take on new challenges.

3. It's good for your Body

Because the fabric helps to support your body through each movement, it allows you to move deeper into poses that may be more difficult when done on a mat. Relieving some of your body weight helps to open and decompress the spine and release tension throughout your whole body while still continuing to challenge and engage your core in new and exciting ways.

4. Improved Flexibility and Balance

The fabric support helps you take on asanas (yoga positions) that may be challenging for you on the floor. Having the additional support allows you to move further into some poses or attempt new ones, allowing your muscles to lengthen and stretch while you work with gravity to control your body. Changing the position of your body with the aerial sling also forces your core muscles to help you find balance and stability thereby helping them get stronger with every move.

5. Savasana

As a reward for all that hard work, class ends with the reward of the most amazing savasana you can imagine. Completely engulfing yourself into the fabric, closing your eyes and allowing yourself to feel safe, protected, and free from the stresses of everyday life is a feeling that you simply must experience for yourself to fully appreciate.

No matter what your skill level, age or experience (*see below for precautions)

we think you will find something to love about it, but don't take just our word for it-

Here are just a few direct quotes from participants:

“It’s a great stretch and really is awesome”-Teresa

“Had a blast. Thank you for a fantastic class!”-Brandy

“Thank you Jenn for a great class…definitely will come back.”-Donna

“Thanks for a great workout Jenn!”-Deanna

"Thank you Jenn for an amazing class tonight! Everything you need-your courage, strength, compassion and love; everything you need is already within you!”-Teresa

For more information about getting started or to schedule your session, please contact us at

If you want to know a little more about the science behind Aerial Yoga and its true physical benefits for your body here is a link to even more info:

*Some precautions to consider before trying Aerial Yoga:

Vertigo, inner ear conditions, recent surgery, glaucoma, epilepsy, hiatal hernia, history of unexplained frequent fainting, head injury, recent open wounds, recent stroke, botox (within 24 hours) and pregnancy beyond first trimester.

Gentler, more restorative aerial classes with the hammock just a few inches from the ground and no inversions are always an option.

Physician permission may be requested. Private aerial yoga sessions are an option.

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