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Planting the Seed

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What is Your Why?

Whether you are just beginning your journey, looking for a fresh start or you already see yourself as steadily moving toward a life where health and fitness is a priority -

I want you to take a second and think about why. Why now? Why do you want do it? These questions seem easy enough to answer.

Maybe the doctor said we need to lose a few pounds or we are concerned about our overall health.

Maybe you want to fit into that one outfit sitting in your closet calling your name.

Maybe our significant other is concerned about us.

Maybe you want to set a good example for a child or loved one.

Maybe you just want to feel good.

Those are all good reason to get started, but I want you to dig deeper than that. The reason we do things, or the motivation behind our actions helps determine our success, so the more honest you are with yourself and the deeper the reason or motivation you find in your soul to do or achieve a certain goal, the more powerful a tool it will be to give you the strength to keep going when the path gets difficult. So now ask yourself those questions again, but cut deeper. Dig into your real emotions about where you are now and where you dream of getting to. When you start to find those underlying feelings and uncover your individual intrinsic motivation. Her are a few examples: I want to be stronger. I don’t want climbing the stairs to feel hard. I want to keep up with my family. I want to enjoy my life. I want to feel strong and proud of myself.

I want to finish something I have started.

Notice that all of these start with I. They are not for anyone else, they are not about anyone else. They are your reasons, about you and FOR YOU. Now ask yourself- Why is it worth the effort? Why are YOU worth the effort? Those ones are harder right? Of course they are! We all have trouble acknowledging that we deserve to love ourselves, be proud of ourselves, take time for ourselves, feed our souls, nourish our bodies and truly invest in us. I can tell you until I’m blue in the face that you are worthy, you are amazing and you are capable of absolutely anything you set your mind to but the only way you will get there is if you believe in yourself and become your own loudest cheerleader. Let your inner voice sing your praises. Be honest about your missteps but celebrate your victories. Scream them from the rooftop. Come back to this list of Why’s and read them. Speak them out loud to yourself. Listen. Use all those things you listed as tools to help push you and drive you through the storms of the hard days so you can bask in the sunshine of your own newfound successes and strength. The more you believe, the more you can achieve!

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