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Private Parties A fun way to play with friends!

Private Parties are a fun way to experience all the things root has to offer! Birthday Parties for Kids/Adults, Ladies/Guys Nights Out, Team Buildings with Co-Workers, or any other excuse you can come up with!
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Kids Privates of all kinds!

We love to introduce children to movement of all kinds. We can provide aerial parties or combo parties including fitness and mat yoga. Perfect for birthday parties!

Ages 8yrs-12yrs

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Beginning Aerial Yoga

These parties are perfect for trying aerial and experimenting with different stretches and yoga postures (asanas). Bring your family and friends or co-workers and try aerial together. We know you will laugh and have a great time trying new things!

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Just like our Sunday class, this private party incorporates some basic inversions plus gentle tricks/manuevers with the hammock. These parties are for people who are interested in flipping and flying!

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Restorative Aerial Yoga

Just like our weekly Monday night class, these parties are very quiet and calming. Hammocks are hung very low to the ground so poses can be grounded at times providing very gentle inversions. Perfect for people looking for zen and relaxation. Bring your buddies for a peaceful time together (what you do next is up to you!) Bring your co-workers so you can relax and recharge together. This is the chill party!

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Aerial Yoga

These private parties focus on aerial yoga postures (asanas) in the hammock. Traditional poses such as warriors and savasana will be explored at well as safe, gentle inversions. Down dogs are know to be beneficial for alleviating back pain so don't be nervous! Parties are a safe place to play! 

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Restorative w/Hot Stone Massage

This is the chilliest, most decadent party! Some may say it's indulgent but we say "Let us indulge you in comfort" Cathy and Jenn do these parties as they provide the hot stone massage as well as restorative aerial yoga. A night of true luxury!

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Private Party Themes


More Private Options


Privates for Kids

Looking to bring your child or teen in for some personal time to explore the hammock? Angela is our resident Kids Instructor and she does one on one's. Contact us regarding schedule and age limits 

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Small Group Aerial 

Our instructors are certified to take care of you in a Small Group setting of 3-6 adults. Whether it is relaxation and calming that you seek or some fitness followed by stretching, our instructors are here to help!

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Duo or One on One Aerial

We love to take care of you and these one on one or duo sessions are a great way to get individualized attention. Looking for some fitness? Looking for some flying and maneuvers? Want to improve your strength with aerial? Want to share some time with a friend in a positive, fun way? We have you covered!

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