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Group Training

Group Training

FREE Consult for Personal/Small Group Training 

Voted Best Personal Trainer by our SOMD community

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Brand new to exercise and don't know where to start?
Looking to come back to exercise after injury/illness?
Intimidated by larger classes where everyone seems to know what they're doing?

Take advantage of the FREE consultation!
We promise you will fit in here!


Now is the perfect time to focus on your health!

Small Group is always capped at 6 people so we can watch form and offer plenty of options! 

Core and joint stability combined with safety will get you the results you've been seeking!

Now is the time!

Small Group Strength Training 

Group Rate = $25/hour

Don't see a day/time that works for your schedule?

Grab a couple buddies and let us know what works best for YOUR schedule!

Schedule of Small Group Strength Training

(Please register for the Waitlist as we are always creating second time slots to accomodate those Waitlisted)

















8am and 9am

All sessions are now available on the Mindbody app for easy of booking! 

Book in advance as spots fill quickly!

(Please register for the Waitlist as we are always creating second time slots to accomodate those Waitlisted)

Why Group Training?



Personalized Exercises



Why Group?

Small groups are usually between 3-6 people. The size of the group helps each client get personalized attention from their trainer, helping to improve form and maximize the benefits of each movement while maintaining the fun and exciting environment of a group! The result is a cost effective way to reap all the benefits of personal training while becoming a part of a community!
Working out in a small group helps keep the fun in your fitness plan. Group sessions allow the trainer to put together exciting and fun workouts and circuits that help keep each session fresh and full of energy so you never get bored and there is always something to look forward to.
The size of the group helps ensure that your trainer can take into account YOUR personal needs, limitations and goals to help tailor activities to each client while not singling one person out or leaving anyone behind.
As part of the small group you will follow a carefully crafted training plan designed by a qualified Personal Trainer while making friends, supporting each other, motivating one another, and helping to keep everyone accountable.


Functional training focuses on body movements, core stability, and dynamic movements. Using multiple planes of motion that work your whole body verses targeting one specific muscle group can help build stability, coordination and balance while still helping you get stronger and leaner and feel great about yourself! 
We want you to feel welcomed not intimidated! Our trainers are extremely knowledgeable, but also kind and understanding. Our clients are a diverse group of regular people, putting in time and effort, gaining confidence and strength and having a blast doing it! At root, we believe that the goal to getting fit should not be singular. Instead of worrying only about the number on the scale or the size of your muscles, fitness should be about your entire lifestyle.  

Feel GOOD!



One on One Training

One on One

One on one private training is 100% focused on you and your specific goals! New to training and hesitant to join a Group right away? Prefer to workout solo? Just exiting physical therapy and not sure where to go next? Private Personal Training is for you!!


We are here to help you get started! We are here to help you get back on track! We are here to help YOU! Why wait? You are never too old or too young to feel GOOD! 

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