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I have no paddleboard experience, is this something I can participate in?

Absolutely. No experience is necessary. We offer a SUP FUNdamentals class which is perfect for beginners and people looking for a more leisurely paddle as opposed to an intense workout. We also offer individual and small group lessons. Every standup paddleboard class starts with land instruction. You must know how to swim.

What should I bring and do I have to wear a bathing suit?

Every class and lesson includes a paddleboard, paddle, PFD, leash and anchor. It is advised to wear sun protection and bring water. You can paddle barefoot and we typically do. You may want to wear sandals or water shoes. You do not have to wear a bathing suit. Wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. Board shorts, tank top and rash guard tops are perfect. A hat or visor and croakies for your sunglasses are recommended.

Will you have class when it rains?

Yes, we will have standup paddleboard class in light rain. During lightning, heavy rains or wind, class will be cancelled and offered at another time. A rain check will be offered for pre paid classes. No refunds.

How do I reserve and pay for classes and/or lessons?

You can reserve and pay for a class through the MINDBODY app which you can access through our website. Standup Paddleboard classes have limited space for maximum safety.

I am unable to make any of the scheduled classes. What are my options?

We offer individual and small group lessons which may include a class or just a paddle! You may also request a private class if you have enough people to participate and our schedule allows. Contact us through our website or email us at Special events/classes may be offered so be sure to check the website and register for emails!

Aerial Yoga

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is a blend of traditional yoga poses, strength moves and inversions utilizing a hammock as a prop to aid the student in accessing various yoga poses that may be difficult to achieve on the ground.

What are the benefits of aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is a safe, therapeutic and fun practice offering many of the same physical, emotional and spiritual benefits as traditional mat yoga including increased flexibility, freedom of movement allowing for natural alignment, increased strength, improved mood and focus, decreased impact on the joints with spinal decompression, improved stabilization with improved spinal health and decreased back pain, increased circulation and digestion and stress relief.

Is aerial yoga safe?

Aerial yoga is very safe. The fabric is suspended from the ceiling by webbing and steal carabiners supporting up to 2000 pounds. Modifications are made for all students and in-depth instruction is always given.

What do I wear/not wear?

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing preferably shirts that cover your armpits and leggings that cover to your knees. Tanks tops and shorts are discouraged as the fabric can bunch up and pinch exposed skin. No shoes but you are welcome to wear socks. Please remove jewelry and watches to avoid snagging fabric. Please avoid lotion and perfume.

Should I eat before class?

As with any workout, eat a small meal/snack to provide you with adequate energy but not so much to upset your stomach as the fabric may press into your abdominal area. Be sure to bring water to class.

Do I need experience in aerial or even traditional yoga?

No experience in either traditional mat or aerial yoga is required. A certified instructor will lead you through all poses and exercises offering modifications as needed.

Are there any precautions?

Vertigo, inner ear conditions, recent surgery, glaucoma, epilepsy, hiatal hernia, history of unexplained frequent fainting, head injury, recent open wounds, recent stroke, botox(within 24 hours) and pregnancy beyond first trimester. Gentler, more restorative aerial classes with the hammock just a few inches from the ground and no inversions are always an option. Physician permission may be requested. Private aerial yoga sessions are an option.

Private Parties, Camps & More...

How do I book a private party?

Email us at or call 301-247-0977 or 301-848-0511 to book all private parties! Please allow 24-36 hours for a response as we may be with clients either on the land or on the water!

When will camp schedules be posted?

Kids' SUP camp schedules will be posted between mid February and late March. Please check our website and social media frequently as we may add additional camps and workshops.

Booking & Schedules

Why do I need to get the MINDBODY App?

MINDBODY is used to manage our schedule as well as handle booking and payments. By downloading the app, you will have an account that is easy to manage your schedule, booking and payment all in one place!

How do I sign up for a MINDBODY Account?

To sign up for a MINDBODY account, just launch the MINDBODY app and select or continue with email. Enter your email address, then tap Next. (Existing users will be asked to log in.) Enter a password, then tap Next. Enter your first name, last name, location, and email preference then tap Create Account.

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