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root FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


What is root SUP & Fitness?

root operates like a standard gym. We have classes in the studio such as rootcamp, mat yoga, aerial yoga, TRX, Core, and much more. Classes are scheduled for early mornings, mid-mornings/lunchtime, evenings and weekends too! We have Drop In passes, class packs, and monthly membership options. One of root's specialties is Personal/Small Group Training. Our Personal Trainers are certified and knowledgable in injury prevention through the use of stabilization as well as strength training exercises. We take care of you, not just work you out!

What is Aerial Yoga and can I do it?

Aerial Yoga is one of our specialties and we believe it is accessible to just about everybody and every body! The aerial hammock is a prop much like your yoga blocks, straps, blankets/bolsters, and mats. Props are utilized to help assist with the pose and provide support. At root, our goal with our aerial classes is to help you feel better. Most of our aerial formats incorporate gentle inversions designed to safely provide length to the spine. Inversions can also provide a form of traction so can be The Answer to help alleviate low back pain/discomfort. We have Yoga formats as well as Fitness formats. Restorative Aerial is our most gentle class so feel free to give that one a try! Sculpt & Melt and Grit n Grace provide 30 minutes of fitness/core exercises with the hammock followed by 30 minutes of gentle restorative aerial to help you leave feeling amazing! Aerial class descriptions can be found on our Land page.

Can my kids take these classes too?

Kids ages 12yrs and older are welcome to attend any of our classes at root! We welcome the opportunity to work with children and teach them about safe, functional movement patterns. We also enjoy supporting our local youth athletes as most of our Trainers/Instructors have children participating in local sports programs. Yoga, whether it is mat or aerial, can really help these kids perform their sport safely. Kids under 12yrs are welcome to attend our Kids classes specifically geared to children ages 6yrs-11yrs. We offer Aerial Yoga for ages 8yrs-10yrs and mat yoga for 6yrs-9yrs.

What classes are good for beginners?

All of our classes are appropriate for all. levels as we pride ourselves on offering options to suit your needs. Our Trainers/Instructors are extremely knowledgable and will provide options to make sure you are safe during your workout. Strength & Balance, TRX/Core Fusion, and Core/Mobility are great in studio classes that offer stability exercises focused on smaller muscle groups. Mat Yoga classes such as Slow Flow and Fluid Flexibility Flow are designed with gentle opening and mobility postures. Aerial Yoga classes such as Restorative, Grit & Grace, Sculpt & Melt, and even Aerial Yoga are perfect for first timers.Class descriptions can be found on our Land page.

How often can I come to root?

You can come to root every day if you want! Our goal is to be your one and only gym! We provide classes every day of the week that compliment one another. Come on Monday for Strength & Balance and then again on Tuesday for Bands, Balls, & Bosus. Wednesday could be a Slow Flow day, Thursday you can come to Circuit and Cardio Intervals, and Friday take a rootcamp, Yoga Flow class, or an Aerial class! We focus on keeping you safe during your workout so that you can go about the rest of your day feeling good, and then come back the next day to work out again! Class descriptions can be found on our Land page

What is Small Group Training?

This is one of our specialties and we are so happy to provide this kind of care! Small Group Training is a one hour Personal Training session with a certified Personal Trainer done in a small group setting of 3-6 people. This is a fun, affordable way to work with a Trainer who has the extra education needed to provide safe and effective workouts. If you're new to root, this can be the perfect place to start! We provide FREE consults for new clients so don't hesitate to contact us to schedule yours! A FREE consult takes 30 minutes and simply provides an opportunity to meet with one of the owners, Jenn or Cathy, to ask questions, talk about health history and current goals, as well as tour the studio and get a recommendation on where to start with us. Contact us to schedule your 30 min FREE Consult! You won't regret it!

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