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At root SUP & Fitness we believe that total body wellness is about finding the balance between movement, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle. As our way to help you find that balance we invite you to join our blog community. Here you will find everything from fitness and lifestyle tips and motivation, to real life nutrition advice and tasty recipes to try at home. Come see how our ideas can compliment your journey toward healthy, happy living.

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Separating the Celebration From the Food

How do you celebrate a good report card? A birthday? A promotion at work? An anniversary? Did any or all of your answers include food? If so you are not alone. When I was little my Mom rewarded everything with food. Our family was large and we did not have extra money so the idea of having ice cream or a Twinkie, even a fast food meal was almost unheard of. As a result, it really did feel special treat when we did get any of these things. Sometimes, if we were extra good at the store she might buy us a gumball or the nice man at the bakery would hand us a cookie. If we got straight A’s for the whole year we went out to ice cream and when it was a special occasion or holiday there was always

I'm All About Some Eggs!

When I'm at a loss of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, or a quick snack, my go to food is almost ALWAYS an egg. Eggs are like delicious protein packed little miracles. They are nutrient rich, high in protein, low in calories and very good at satiating a hunger strike- and they are just so cute in their pretty little shells! Whole eggs have gotten a bad wrap in the last decade or so because the amount of cholesterol found in the yolk is about 2/3 the recommended daily allowance but recent research has not been able to prove adverse effects of your risk for heart disease if you eat the whole egg. Why? Just because a food itself may be high in cholesterol does not necessarily mean it will inc

Aerial Yoga for Chronic Pain and Trauma

Aerial Yoga is growing in popularity across the country. People who have never loved yoga before are coming out to try this new fun and effective way to workout. We have talked here before about some of the reasons why aerial yoga is amazing, but maybe you are still unsure. Yoga itself can be a little scary for someone who has never done it before, especially for someone who suffers from chronic pain. Many of you know I suffer from SLE (Lupus), which has many super fun symptoms (yes that was sarcasm you read). Every day I battle through joint pain, muscle weakness and fatigue. There are days I cannot bear to lift 2 pounds because of weakness in my wrists or stand for longer than a minute or

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