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At root SUP & Fitness we believe that total body wellness is about finding the balance between movement, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle. As our way to help you find that balance we invite you to join our blog community. Here you will find everything from fitness and lifestyle tips and motivation, to real life nutrition advice and tasty recipes to try at home. Come see how our ideas can compliment your journey toward healthy, happy living.

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Quick Foot Fix with Lacing Tricks

Think of your shoes as a tool for your workout. Some people wear the same shoe for everything, some people change them to match their outfits, and some have a different shoe for each activity. You have to find what works for you. Personally, I have three pairs, one for running that is light and flexible, one for weight lifting which is pretty flat and soft sided to help my foot absorb the load, a spinning shoe with a super firm sole, and the barefoot for my yoga. I like to think of it as using the right tool for the job. After all, you would not try to play basketball with a soccer ball, or mow your lawn with a weed whacker. In theory, you could do both of those things (and actually I did ha

Reach for the Sun

I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I don’t know where to start. I can’t. I will fail so I should not even try. Honestly, does that sound familiar? It’s so easy to fill our heads with excuses and negative thoughts. Sometimes when we are so used to being unhappy, its’ hard to snap out of it and see the opportunity to change. The thing about saying we CAN'T do something is that its not always the truth Those same statements could easily say: I choose not to make time for it I choose to use my energy elsewhere I am not willing to learn something new I’m scared I don’t believe in myself I challenge you to Reach for the Sunshine Look forward instead of Back Be kind to yourself Take care of yourself and

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